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Summary of Content Farm Session – SMX 2011

Content farms are receiving much attention in 2011, especially after the Google “farmer” algorithm update (which didn’t really affect the major content farms- more on that later). Here’s my summary of the Content Farms session for SMX Advanced, officially titled: … Continue reading

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Blekko’s Blacklisting Hole

Following up on my post about Blekko Banning “Content Farm” sites because a some of their users marked the 20 sites as not useful, I decided to take a look at how big of an impact these blanket blacklistings put … Continue reading

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Blekko Banning Some Content Farm sites

A Techcrunch article plus a Beyond the Search Box live event both confirm that Blekko is now blocking certain “content farms” including Demand Media’s eHow. Here is a list of sites Blekko deams content farms that they have banned: … Continue reading


Demand Media Stock Ticker Is One to Watch

User-generated content & “content farms” have a spotlight on them now thanks mostly to Demand Media’s recent IPO. Few people knew how the IPO would go, considering Demand Media has never turned a profit and will not likely do so … Continue reading

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Tim Burton UGC Experiment

Tim Burton is writing a story. You may be familiar with some of his other works: Edward Scissor-hands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Corpse Bride. Only this time, he isn’t writing it by himself, he’s enlisting the brainpower of a … Continue reading

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One Day on Earth Film Experiment

Crowd-sourced content seems to be a growing interest among filmmakers. Maybe it is because of the success of the animated short, Live Music, which proved that complete strangers could collaborate and make something amazing. Three months after Life In A … Continue reading

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Funny Amazon User Reviews

The following Amazon reviews shows how inaccurate user-generated content can actually take an absolutely boring product and make them a viral force on the Internet. Below you will find the funniest user reviews I could find on Continue reading

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