One Day on Earth Film Experiment

Crowd-sourced content seems to be a growing interest among filmmakers. Maybe it is because of the success of the animated short, Live Music, which proved that complete strangers could collaborate and make something amazing.

Three months after Life In A Day was filmed by thousands of participants across the world with the help of YouTube technology & Ridley Scott’s name, One Day on Earth is being filmed (today, 10/10/10).

The one smart thing One Day on Earth is doing is spending more time focused on the community by displaying video clips on the site, sharing stories, and, of course, producing the documentary.  Here’s the trailer for the One Day on Earth film project:


It will be interesting to watch the two films and see which one is more successful. Much of it will come down to the editing & story telling, but the approaches are certainly different.

One Day on Earth appears to have spread via social media among the film industry more, while Life in a Day relied on mass YouTube promotion and celebrity attachment. One Day on Earth appears to have a larger community play (using Ning) and will be using the community to promote the project. One Day on Earth also has tie-ins to a number of large non-profits or foundations (WWF,, Red Cross, etc.).

To learn more about One Day on Earth, visit their site.

Know more about either of these projects? Please share information in the comments as I’m interested in documenting the progress and strategy for both of these amazing User Generated Content film projects.

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