SEJ Interview Includes UGC Discussion is slated to launch later tonight with my first article about UGC SEO, but an interview that went up on Search Engine Journal today might bring people here a little quicker than I expected.

Dustin Woodard UGC SEO InterviewThe interview is relevant for this site because one of the questions asked is about user-generated content being the “holy grail” for generating search traffic. In the interview on question #5, I touch on topics that will be covered in-depth on this blog.

Check out the interview and come back to this site tomorrow to start learning about using UGC to drive your SEO: SEO Auteur: My Interview With Dustin Woodard

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Site Launching July 7th

After speaking at PubCon in Vegas on “Harnessing UGC to Drive SEO” last November, I’ve had a few requests to publish more information about my experiences with user-generated content sites.

This site will launch next week. I’ll be covering some of my past experiences working at Wetpaint and Allrecipes, plus interviewing SEOs who currently work for large sites that feature UGC. There’s so much opportunity and untapped potential for any large site to garner massive amounts of long-tail traffic by simply giving their community a voice. I’m excited to finally write about this topic.

See you next week!
Dustin Woodard

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